What Google knows about us …or Tom Gara

While “googling” a bit about Google and its immense and seemingly endless information storage, I found this quite impressive graphic by Tom Gara, a journalist at the Wall Street Journal. He ran a little experiment as he looked on his google.com/dashboard. He found that while using Gmail or being logged in on any other Google service, Google stores all websites you have visited.

As a result, the graphic shows all data and information Google has on Tom Gara:

What Google knows


How a donut can help to understand Social Media

Nowadays, there’s simply a huge amount of social networks available. At the same time, new social platforms constantly pop up, which offer new or a new combination of features or characteristics – no wonder it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of things. Douglas Wray, however, visualized in a very simple, yet brilliant, manner the distinct features of each major social network on a whiteboard and posted a photo on it on Instagram.

How a donut helps to understand Social Media

(Source: instagram/douglaswray)

Of course, in reality, it is not that simple as features overlap and are similar across platforms. For example: Facebook is also heavily used for photo and video sharing while Instagram strongly relies on “likes”.

Anyway, the next time someone asks you what Linkedin is… show him this and eat a donut.

What happens Online in 60 seconds

An interesting and thought-provoking infographic by Qmee and  mycleveragency showing what happens within one average Internet minute in 2013.  Impressive, eh? No wonder we always find something new to look at instead of working or studying 😉

What happens online in 60 seconds