The future of the future…


In recent years, there have been thousands of panels, conferences and research studies on the future of the media, especially of social media.

What becomes apparent is that the future will be shaped by various factors:

…. new technologies, such as NFC (Near-Field-Communication), smart home applications, or inventions such as Google Glasses and many more…

… continuous innovations around social media and communication tools, such as Facebook’s facial recognition, Snapchat etc. and, which is more interesting, the combination of those…

… as well as changes in consumer usage and habits, such as the increasing significance of photo sharing photos, the trend away from big networks towards rather smaller, niche networks, such as Pinterest,  the continuously rising “selfie culture” and so on and on…

FutureMedia executive director Renu Kulkarni highlights six most critical and distinct trends for the future of media, which, in my view, broadly summarize recent and future developments in an interesting way.


The future of social media is…

…going to be like air. It will be anywhere and everywhere you need and want it to be. It will be seamlessly built into our everyday experiences, rather than shoe horned into the corners of websites. And like air, if it isn’t around, you will feel like you can’t truly breath and live.

For those further interest in the topic around the future of social media. Go and have a look on 10 Social Media Brands That Will Still Matter In The Future.


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